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A COVID-19 Update To Our Community

To Our One Good Act Community,

This is an uncertain and difficult time. We see firsthand the devastating impact to so many lives that were already marginalized and struggling. School closures across underrepresented communities and the developing world without a remote learning plan in place makes us thankful for the remote learning plans put in place by so many schools in the US. Refugees in camps trying hard to stay protected and safe while living in a congested environment make us thankful for our full bellies and our warm homes. Our hearts go out to the many families and businesses affected all over the world.

All of us and our lives have been impacted in some way with the spread of the virus. But this too shall pass and we will come out of it stronger, if we stick together.

Our team has been making adjustments too along with everyone else. Our main focus remains safety of our communities. Here are some of the steps we are taking to ensure safety and providing our support for the virus relief efforts:

  • All employees of One Good Act and partner organizations have been asked to work from home where possible.

  • We continue to educate our community with best practices for protecting themselves and their loved ones:

  • Our donation link is always available online and we continue to support our teams and partners on the ground through our work online.

  • We are currently vetting partners doing the real hard work on the ground globally and we will be directing a portion of our donations to them. We will also be setting up an online fundraising effort once the right partners have been identified. More to come on this in the next few days and weeks.

  • Our partner Al-Zohra Welfare Association has closed their school in Karachi until further notice. We are looking to add more webinars and training online as we slowly transition during this time. Stay tuned!

  • We will continue to share online resources, trainings and talks focused on the areas we work on and feel the most passionately about improving globally: Education, Healthcare, Advocacy & Human Rights. To learn more about our work and impact see our 2019 impact report.

Your practicing social distancing and following good prevention guidelines can literally save lives. We are all connected and now is the time to be selfless and do our part to #flattenthecurve.

Stay safe out there and take care of each other!

The One Good Act team

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