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The Mahwash Iqbal Mirza Scholarship

Mahwash Iqbal Mirza Scholarship: Text

Mahwash Iqbal Mirza, Mahwash Hussain, Mahwash Ammi (1951-2021). She was an exceptional mother. An amazing daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother-in-law. An extraordinary human being. She cared about others to a fault. A simple person with simple tastes. Her presence was a comfort and guide to so many. Life threw many obstacles her way and she fought bravely through them all. She is loved by so many and we hope to carry on her legacy of compassion and optimism. The Mahwash Iqbal Mirza Merit Scholarship will honor her legacy by providing financial support to underrepresented minorities, especially women, for undergraduate and graduate studies.

Mahwash Iqbal Mirza Scholarship: Programs
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