Want to help us build a better tomorrow? Want the opportunity to work on a project that lets you solve real world problems using technology? Have a passion you want to share with us and the world? 


Your money goes a long way!

• With $1 buy lunch for 2

• With $2 give 11 lbs of flour

• With $3 buy a student a pair of glasses

• With $4 buy Haemophilia medication for a month

• With $5 give insulin for a month

• With $6 give a blanket

• With $10 sponsor a student fee for a month
• With $25 sponsor a child's school materials for a month
• With $100 sponsor a wedding for an orphan girl or gift someone a new born baby pack
• With $174 sponsor a ration pack
• With $800 sponsor a teacher for a year
• With $15000 sponsor all salaries for a year!

Have ideas for us you want to share? Please dont hesitate, we love to hear from you!



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