Want to help us build a better tomorrow? Want the opportunity to work on a project that lets you solve real world problems using technology? Have a passion you want to share with us and the world? 


Your money goes a long way!

• With $1 buy lunch for 2

• With $2 give 11 lbs of flour

• With $3 buy a student a pair of glasses

• With $4 buy Haemophilia medication for a month

• With $5 give insulin for a month

• With $6 give a blanket

• With $10 sponsor a student fee for a month
• With $25 sponsor a child's school materials for a month
• With $100 sponsor a wedding for an orphan girl or gift someone a new born baby pack
• With $174 sponsor a ration pack
• With $800 sponsor a teacher for a year
• With $15000 sponsor all salaries for a year!


We welcome all your contributions! Please consider us for regular contributions or for a one off monetary donation. Funds can be donated for a specific project or for general work of the organization. We are also grateful for donations of your old stuff that you no longer need that can help someone else. For dropoff/pickup details please email:


Write to us:

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