One Good Act was founded in 2011 with one goal in mind - to help empower people in need around the world.


We help in providing the skills, tools and services required in education, healthcare and human rights to assist those in need in breaking the cycle of poverty and to become an active and participating member in their communities.


We fundraise and drive passion projects, as well as work with established partners with a proven track record of  successfully operating at the grassroots level in different parts of the world.



Vocational trainings, K-12 school curriculum prep to meet world class curriculum standards and funding, Scholarships to international conferences,  learning opportunities in STEM and higher education locally (with a specific focus towards women from underprivileged backgrounds).


Basic nutrition, Immunizations, funding critical care operations, Running various preventative health camps (dental, optical, skin), Homeless soup kitchens, Winter clothing drives.


Refugee aid programs, Advocacy, STEM learning and community building programs for underrepresented people and women.